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June 6th Meeting: Basic Digital Processing

The June 6th Meeting of the Catawba Valley Camera Club will be an instructional lecture by John M. Setzler, Jr. on basic digital photo post processing using Adobe Photoshop. The meeting will be in the North Annex of the Arts Center at 7:30pm.

Some of the basic concepts of digital processing that will be discussed are:

  • EXIF data
  • Histograms/Levels Adjustments
  • Hue/Saturation
  • Contrast
  • Sharpening
  • Black and White Conversion

If time permits, we will discuss some more advanced techniques… Bring your specific questions with you 🙂

February 21st Meeting

The Catawba Valley Camera Club will hold a meeting on Wednesday, February 21 at 7:30pm.  The competition is an assigned subject on the topic of “Love.”  You may bring up to three slides.

Janice Setzler will be chairing the business meeting and presenting plans from the officers.  We will also have an update on the digital projection project from Robert Dant.

Snow Trip with Ed Lane

The snow field trip with Ed Lane will be leaving from the Arts Center parking lot at 9:00 am on Sunday, February 18th. Additional snow is in the mountains forecast for tomorrow, so dress appropriately!

History Happens Here

The State Capitol wants shutterbugs young and old to bring the past into focus. The theme of this contest is “History Happens Here” and amateur photographers are encouraged to take photographs that illustrate what history is to him or her. Photographs must have been taken in the state of North Carolina during the past calendar year to be eligible for entry. Judging will take place by Saturday, March 31, and all photos will remain on display in the Capitol until April 27. Entry packets and complete list of rules are available at the Capitol’s front desk and at In conjunction with the contest, an exhibit featuring photographs of the State Capitol from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries will be on display on the third floor.

This program is part of “History Happens Here,” a yearlong celebration of history in our state.

** Note from John Setzler, Jr. **

If you don’t have anything suitable to enter into this competition, our club field trip to The North Carolina Transportation Museum is scheduled for Saturday, March 24th.  This would give you some great opportunities to make photos specifically for this competition!  Someone from our camera club should win this contest!

Jeff Botz & Snow Field Trip

Our February 7th Club meeting will begin at 7:00PM instead of our normal time of 7:30PM.  We will hold a brief business meeting in our normal meeting room before moving to the Shuford Gallery for the presentation with Jeff Botz.  Please bring your friends and family to this event!

If you are interested in participating in the SNOW field trip, please contact Ed Lane to get your name on the list.  This may be a short-notice event, and Ed will need to be able to contact you when the event is scheduled.  Ed’s email address is and his phone number is 322-8675.