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Field Trip Competition Winners

The Catawba Valley Camera Club has announced the winners of its November 14th Field Trip Competition, and they are as follows:


First Place A Group – "Gorilla" by Dick Washer (image not provided)


Janice Setzler - Peek

Second Place Tie A Group – "Peek" by Janice Setzler



John M. Setzler, Sr. - Gold Pan

Second Place Tie A group – "Gold Pan" by John M. Setzler, Sr.



Steven Gold - Preparing a Meal

First Place B Group – "Preparing a Meal" by Steven Gold



Steven Gold - Moore Cove Falls

Second Place B Group – "Moore Cove Falls" by Steven Gold



Rick Bell - Bug Eye

Third Place B Group – "Bug Eye" by Rick Bell

Competition Results – 11/7/07

The Catawba Valley Camera Club held an open print competition on Wednesday, November 7, 2007. The results are as follows:

A Group:

John Hildebrand - Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake – John Hildebrand – 1st Place Tie

John M. Setzler, Sr. - Insect on Flower

Insect on Flower – John M. Setzler, Sr. – 1st Place Tie


Ed Lane - New York Sunrise

New York Sunrise – Ed Lane – 3rd Place

B Group:

Sue Hooper – Slot at Antelope Canyon – 1st Place (Image not provided)


Nina Ackley - Twisted Tree

Nina Ackley – Twisted Tree – 2nd Place


Byrd Cornwell – You won’t come into my parlor – 3rd Place Tie (Image not provided)

Steven Gold - Gull on Beach

Steven Gold – Gull On Beach – 3rd Place Tie


These photos must be submitted in the same format as used in the digital projection competitions. This includes the proper sizing and naming scheme. These images must also be submitted within 48 hours of the competition.

10/17/2007 Competition Results

On Wednesday, October 17, the Catawba Valley Camera Club held an assigned subject competition on the theme of “Humor.” The winners were as follows:

A Group – First Place – John M. Setzler, Sr. – “Say No to Crack”

A Group – Second Place – John M. Setzler, Sr. – “Field Trip”

A Group – Third Place – Robert Dant – “Fish Smiles”

B Group – First Place – Eva Justice – “Buckie”

B Group – Second Place – Byrd Cornwell – “Laughingass”

B Group – Third Place – Steven Gold – “Who’s Away?”

** Reminder **

Please submit your winning images for publication on the website within 48 hours of the competition…

9/19/2007 Competition Results:

The Catawba Valley Camera Club held an open digital/slide competition during it’s regular meeting on Wednesday, September 19th. The results of the competition are as follows:

John M. Setzler, Jr. - Horn Worm

1st Place A Group – John M. Setzler, Jr. – Horn Worm


John M. Setzler, Jr. - Angel Trumpet


2nd Place A Group – John M. Setzler, Jr. – Angel Trumpet


Robert Dant - Boy & Dog


3rd Place A Group – Robert Dant – Boy & Dog


Steven Gold - Parallel Blooms


1st Place B Group – Steven Gold – Parallel Blooms


Dave Rhuberg - Lightning 6


2nd Place B Group – Dave Rhuberg – Lightning 6


Scott Powell - Amber Indian


3rd Place B Group – Scott Powell – Amber Indian


Congratulations to the winners ­čÖé


9/5/2007 Competition Results:

The Catawba Valley Camera Club held an open print competition on Wednesday, September 5, 2007 during the regularly scheduled club meeting. The winners for this competition are as follows:

A Group Winners:

Rainy Seattle - Ed Lane

First Place – Ed Lane – “Rainy Seattle”

Courtney - John Hildebrand

2nd Place – John Hildebrand – “Courtney”

Bath Boy - Robert Dant

3rd Place (two way tie) – Robert Dant – “Bath Boy”


Bob Phipps - Pink Lotus Opening

3rd Place (two way tie) – Bob Phipps – Image Not Provided


1st Place B Group – “Fritillary on Sunflower? by Steven Gold (No Image Provided)

2nd Place B Group – Eva Justice for ?Pollen Gatherer? (No Image Provided)


Katy Did - Dennis Hacker

3rd Place B Group – Dennis Hacker – “Katy Did”


As a reminder, if you place in a print competition, you must submit that image to me in digital format (same format as projection competitions) within 48 hours of the competition to have your image included on the website. Please try your best to get those to me.


Results: Assigned Subject – “Lines”

The Catawba Valley Camera Club competition on August 15th, 2007, was a digital projection competition with the subject of “Lines.” Each member was allowed to submit up to three images to this competition. Here are the winners from this competition. You may click on the image to for a larger view:

Cooper River Bridge - Ed Lane

First Place – A Group

“Cooper River Bridge” by Ed Lane


Charlotte Reflections - Ed Lane

Second Place – A Group

“Charlotte Reflections” by Ed Lane


Yarn Lines - Robert Dant

Third Place – A Group

“Yarn Lines” by Robert Dant


Brick Wall - Marv Higgins

First Place – B Group

“Brick Wall” by Marv Higgins


Cross Ties - Rick Bell

Second Place – B Group

“Cross Ties” by Rick Bell


Hydro Lines in Fog - Steven  Gold

Third Place – B Group

“Hydro Lines in Fog” by Steven Gold


The next competition at the Catawba Valley Camera Club will be on September 5th, 2007. The club will hold an open print competition and club members may bring up to two prints.