06/16/08 Stop Action Winners

The Catawba Valley Camera Club has announced the winners of its photographic competition for the June 16, 2008 meeting.

The competition was Projected competition, with the assigned subject
“Stop Action”.

The Accomplished Division winners were:

First place was awarded to Janice Setzler for “Watery Crown”,
a photograph of the crown formed by a water droplet.

Watery Crown

First place - Janice Setzler - “Watery Crown”

Robert Dant captured second place with “Coin Toss”,
a an action shot of a coin tumbling through the air.

Robert Dant - Second Place - “Coin Toss”

Third Place was taken by Steven Gold with “Water Drop”,
a study of a droplet splash.

Steven Gold - Third Place - “Water Drop”

Honorable Mention went to Janice Setzler for “Coffee Mate”,
a drop of milk landing in a cup of coffee.

The Beginner’s Division winners were:

Rick Bell was the first place winner in this group with “Drip, Drip”,
a picture of water dropping into a glass.

Rick Bell - First Place - “Drip, Drip”

Dave Rhuberg captured second place with “Drops Two”,
a glass in a shower.

Dave Rhuberg - Second Place - “Drops Two”

Third place also went to Dave Rhuberg,
for a close-up of wine drops entitled “Drops One”.

Dave Rhuberg - Second Place - “Drops One”

The club holds regular meetings on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 7:30 pm in the North Annex of the Arts and Science Center of the Catawba Valley. The next meeting will be held July 2, 2008 with a non-competitive showing and discussion of members favorite photographs. The public is invited to attend. Membership is not required.

Information about the Catawba Valley Camera Club can be obtained online at www.cvcameraclub.org or from Mike Morrison at Viewmont Camera, 2215 North Center St, Hickory, NC, 828-327-2959.

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