08/06/08 Meeting – David Johnson

John Hildebrand has recruited a special guest for our next info night. Time to mark your calendars. Read John’s description:

The presenter will be David Johnson of Charlotte.

David Johnson is a former History teacher of Charlotte Mecklenburg and tennis pro. Presently, he is a photographer an author of “Voices of Sudan” an inspirational look at the survivors and refuges of the Genocide taking place in Darfur. David does not use the typical approach of the major news media showing the bloodshed, the bodies or the tears. Instead, David focuses his camera on the hope and pride shown on the faces of a people that have suffered and still suffer from obstacles that we only read about. His foundation, “Silent Images” is raising awareness and money so that these people can receive just 2 basic necessities for survival…..clean water and mosquito netting (to prevent Malaria).

David will have copies of his book, “Voices of Sudan” available for sell at $20 ea. The proceeds of all book sales go to building wells and providing supplies to Darfur……100% of the proceeds!!!

For more information, please visit David’s website: www.silentimages.org

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