Matting and Framing – April 7, 2009 with David Futrell

Club members were excited about the opportunity of learning about matting and framing last night as David Futrell, a club member, showed the how and why of cutting mats and framing as well as picking the right color of mat.  Below are some tips that were picked up last night.  Give it a try.


Three reasons for matting

  • Separation of image from the glass
  • Highlighting the image
  • Enhancing the image

Various tips

  • Choose mat first and then the frame as color vital to image
  • Mat should be wider than frame and can be very wide
  • Cut reverse bevel if don’t want white edge to show OR if want to add depth
  • Use insets instead of double mats if frame to  small
  • If blade is extended too much cut can be ragged AND blade may wobble and leave a wavy cut.
  • Backing and mat should not be taped together – allow for movement in frame by not pressing in too tightly.

Multiple mats

  • Cut largest opening first
  • Double stick tape mats together
  • Mark second mat
  • Put cut out in opening for ballast
  • Cut second mat

From David Futrell:

I was really surprised at the number of members that came and showed an interest in mat cutting.  It is an art that isn’t easy but not impossible learn.   I think it is important that photographers know the basics of mat design so that they can select the right mat for their photographs.  As I tried to convey last night, matting can make or break a photograph. I want to thank everyone that came and will be willing to help anyone that has a question.  They can email me and I’ll be glad to help if I can.


David Futrell

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