Randy McNeilly and How the PPA Judges Images

Randy McNeilly, a professional photographer from Shelby, NC visited Wednesday Night, Feb 5 and shared with the club how the Professional Photographers Association (PPA) judge images in print and digital as a International organization.

Randy is the Chairman of the Photographic Exhibitions Committee (PEC) for the PPA and was very informative on how the professional organization judges images and how it compares with the way we as a club judge images.

For example the PPA size requirements are as follows – “Keep in mind, though, that while your images’ shapes and sizes have more flexibility in the 2011 competition, there will still be some requirements. The presentation must be a minimum of 80 square inches to a maximum of 480 square inches, with the largest dimension no longer than 24 inches.”  Also digital images are judged like this. “Digital Judging Details – In fact, that is how the digital images will be viewed by the jurors. Two 30-inch NEC monitors will be set up in a room of six jurors, and the image will come up on both screens.

For more information on the PPA, you can visit on the web HERE.

You can also visit Randy’s photography business website HERE.

Thank you Randy for your time and sharing with us.

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