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Great News – WWW.PSA-PHOTO.ORG is back in business!

The problem with the psa-photo.org domain has been solved and PSA’s official website – WWW.PSA-PHOTO.ORG – is now back and fully functional. This includes all official email addresses.

We apologize for the confusion, but are very happy that our official website has returned.

As always, if you have any questions you can always contact PSA Headquarters – hq@psa-photo.org.

Kara Goodson

Operations Manager

The PSA New Member web site (http://psa-newmember.org/) and the PSA Club Services web site (http://psa-clubservices.org/) URLs have not changed, have not been down, and are working fine.

Pat Gordy
Region 13 (NC, SC, TN) Director, PSA
Phone: 423-718-7552

7424 Edgefield Drive
Chattanooga, TN 37421

Photographic Society of America
3000 United Founder’s Blvd, Suite 103

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
Website: www.psa-photo.org
Phone: 405-843-1437

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