09/20/2017 – Projection Competition – “Collections”

The Catawba Valley Camera Club has announced the winners of its photographic competition for the September 20, 2017 meeting.  The projection competition was “Collections”.

The Accomplished Division winners were:
1st Place - Doreen Sugierski - Camera Collection
First Place – Doreen Sugierski – “Camera Collection”
2nd Place - Paul VanBreemen - A Few Cameras
Second Place – Paul VanBreemen – “A Few Cameras”
3rd Place - Ed Lane - Classics
Third Place – Ed Lane – “Classics”
HM Richard Washer - Travel Spoon Collection
Honorable Mention – Richard Washer – “Travel Spoon Collection”
The Intermediate Division winners were:
1st Place - Cindy Martin - Political Memorabilia
First Place – Cindy Martin – “Political Memorabilia”
2nd Place - Dean Powell -Garden Club
Second Place –  Dean Powell – “Garden Club”
3rd Place - Ravi Patel - Elephant Stein Collection
Third Place – Ravi Patel – “Elephant Stein Collection”
HM - John Pascone - Ledros
Honorable Mention – John Pascone – “Ledros”
The Catawba Valley Camera Club meets on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, at 7:00 pm in the North Annex of the Arts Center in Hickory.  Meetings consist of competition among members as well as instructional lectures. Field trips are planned throughout the year to enable members to share and demonstrate techniques as well as spend time enjoying photography together.  The next meeting will be October 4, 2017. The program will be a projection competition – “Sports Action”.  The public is invited to attend, membership is not required.  If you want to become a better photographer and make new friends while doing so, come join us. Further information can be obtained from the club’s web site at http://cvcameraclub.org or by calling John Setzler at 828-404-2066.

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