Competition Results – 11/7/07

The Catawba Valley Camera Club held an open print competition on Wednesday, November 7, 2007. The results are as follows:

A Group:

John Hildebrand - Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake – John Hildebrand – 1st Place Tie

John M. Setzler, Sr. - Insect on Flower

Insect on Flower – John M. Setzler, Sr. – 1st Place Tie


Ed Lane - New York Sunrise

New York Sunrise – Ed Lane – 3rd Place

B Group:

Sue Hooper – Slot at Antelope Canyon – 1st Place (Image not provided)


Nina Ackley - Twisted Tree

Nina Ackley – Twisted Tree – 2nd Place


Byrd Cornwell – You won’t come into my parlor – 3rd Place Tie (Image not provided)

Steven Gold - Gull on Beach

Steven Gold – Gull On Beach – 3rd Place Tie


These photos must be submitted in the same format as used in the digital projection competitions. This includes the proper sizing and naming scheme. These images must also be submitted within 48 hours of the competition.

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