New Officers for 2017-2019

President:  Dan Kiser

Vice President:  John Hildebran

Secretary: Cindy Martin

Treasurer: Stan Bolton

Image Coordinator: Randy Knauf

Program: Eric Buckland

Newsletter: Donny Teague

This website is maintained by Tom Devlin (tdevlin944@gmail.com)

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When we meet…

The Catawba Valley Camera Club meets at 7:00 pm on the first and third Wednesdays of each month in the North Annex of the Arts Center in Hickory.  (See the schedule by clicking on the schedule tab at the top of this page.) Meetings consist of competition among members as well as instructional lectures. Field trips are planned throughout the year to enable members to share and demonstrate techniques as well as spend time enjoying photography together.

We would like to invite anyone with an interest in photography to join us at our meetings and on our field trips. We would like the opportunity to share our knowledge with you as well as the chance to learn from you. Membership is not required to attend meetings or participate in field trip activities. Membership is required to participate in club competitions.


Directions to where we meet…

Click HERE for directions.  We are around back of the HICKORY MUSEUM OF ART in the door closest to the Patrick Beaver Memorial Library and Catawba Science Center.


Membership Dues…

Membership dues are $35.00 per year ($15.00 for students).


Anyone interested can attend our regular meetings at the Arts Center or contact the following for additional information:

Ed Lane: 322-6226 (Office) 322-8675 (Home) Viewmont Camera: 327-2959 (Mike) Club Website: www.cvcameraclub.org

6 thoughts

  1. Greetings to All!

    I am interested in attending a meeting or two just to see what the club is about, if that is possible.

    I am an avid photographer and have been for about 15 years now. Although I’m not that old, I have about 200,000 photos under my wing.

    Please advise as to any suggestions or direction the club may have for potential new members.

    Thank you for your time.


    G. Jon Troesch

  2. Don, Meetings start at 7:00 PM and the usually end at 9:00 PM.
    You enter at the rear of the building at the Choral Society entrance then to the right.
    Normally cameras are not brought to the meetings. Come and check us out. Our next meeting is January 19th.

  3. Interested in checking out the meeting coming up this Wednesday. I notice the meeting is a competition meeting. Should I just bring a print along with membership fees to participate?

  4. The Montessori Mudstacle (Saturday, April 20th) is looking for volunteer photographers to cover the “muddy” event. It is being organized by Montessori at Sandy Ford.
    Let me know if there may be interested amateur club members to help out. I have enjoyed coming to meetings in the past and would love to include a local club at the event. Should be lots of fun!
    Olivia Lineberger

  5. The Catawba Valley Camera Club is without a doubt one of the best around. When I lived in Hickory I was very active in it…I moved to Charlotte and I miss it so much. Have tried several in this area, but nothing comes close…I really miss those meetings and the wonderful competitions and friendships I made there!!!

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