January 16th Meeting

The Catawba Valley Camera Club will meet on Wednesday, January 16th at 7:30pm.  This meeting will be an open print competition, so bring up to two prints…

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The Year-End Awards

Greetings to the Group….


The Catawba Valley Camera Club 2007 Year End Award Winners are as follows:


Accomplished Group Photographer of the Year: ED LANE

Amateur Group Photographer of the Year: STEVEN GOLD



John Hildebrand - Lady of the Lake

2007 Print of the Year – John Hildebrand 


Steven Gold - Parallel Blooms

2007 Projected Image of the Year – Steven Gold 


Frank Miller Award - John M. Setzler, Jr.

2007 Frank Miller Artistic Award – John M. Setzler, Jr. 



Picture Lake - Ed Lane

1st Place Print – A Group – Ed Lane – “Picture Lake”



John M. Setzler, Sr. - "Knots"

2nd Place Print – A Group – John Setzler, Sr. – “Knots”



Janice Setzler - Peek

3rd Place Print – A Group – Janice Setzler – “Peek” 



Dick Washer - Zion Waterfall

1st Place Projected Image – A Group – Dick Washer – “Zion Waterfall” 



Day Lily - Bob Phipps

2nd Place Projected Image – A Group – Bob Phipps – “Day Lily Stamens” 



Ed Lane - Ashe County Barn

3rd Place Projected Image – A Group – Ed Lane – “Ashe County Barn”



Toronto Cityscape - Rick Bell

1st Place Print – B Group – Rick Bell – “Toronto Cityscape” 



2nd Place Print – B Group – Steven Gold – “Purple Bloom”



Steven Gold - Preparing a Meal

3rd Place Print – B Group – Steven Gold – “Working Woman” 



Dave Rhuberg - Lightning 6

1st Place Projected Image – B Group – Dave Rhuberg – “Lightning” 



Rick Bell - It's a Jungle Out There

2nd Place Projected Image – B Group – Rick Bell – “It’s a Jungle Out There” 



Steven Gold - A Chicken's View

3rd Place Projected Image – B Group – Steven Gold – “A Chicken’s View”

January 4th Gallery Opening

Greetings to everyone and Happy New Year!

The Catawba Valley Camera Club, in conjunction with the Hickory Museum of Art, will be hosting a gallery opening of the winners of the IMAGE*INATION photo competition at the Hickory Museum of Art on Friday, January 4th at 6:30pm.  Anyone who is available to come help set up is encouraged to do so.  This event will replace our normal first meeting of January.  Please plan to attend this event and bring family and friends with you.

As of this time, I do not have the 2008 club event schedule.  As soon as I receive that information, I will update that section of the website.

Please stay tuned for the posting of the 2007 year-end winners.  I’m still trying to gather that information.  Once I have it, I will post it here…

Christmas Party & Year End Awards

Greetings to the Club…


Our annual Christmas covered-dish dinner and year-end awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, December 19th, at 6:30pm.  Come early if you can to help set up.  We will have dinner and the awards in the same room this year instead of two different areas.  The dining room area is at the North Annex of the Arts Center just past our normal meeting area.  There will be folks wandering around if you are unfamiliar with the spot. 

December 5th Meeting

The Catawba Valley Camera Club will meet on Wednesday, December 5th at 7:30 pm.  The meeting topic will be a critique night.  Bring up to 10 images (slides/digital/prints) for group critique. 

Photo Gallery for Members

I’m working on setting up a photo gallery for members where each club member can upload photos and create their own online photo albums.  I need 3 or 4 people who are interested in having this functionality to do some testing on the site.  If you are interested in working on this project with me, please let me know…



Field Trip Competition Winners

The Catawba Valley Camera Club has announced the winners of its November 14th Field Trip Competition, and they are as follows:


First Place A Group – "Gorilla" by Dick Washer (image not provided)


Janice Setzler - Peek

Second Place Tie A Group – "Peek" by Janice Setzler



John M. Setzler, Sr. - Gold Pan

Second Place Tie A group – "Gold Pan" by John M. Setzler, Sr.



Steven Gold - Preparing a Meal

First Place B Group – "Preparing a Meal" by Steven Gold



Steven Gold - Moore Cove Falls

Second Place B Group – "Moore Cove Falls" by Steven Gold



Rick Bell - Bug Eye

Third Place B Group – "Bug Eye" by Rick Bell

Meeting Notice

The Catawba Valley Camera Club will meet on Wednesday, November 14 at 7:30pm.  This meeting will consist of our annual field trip photo competition.  Please bring up to three prints from any club sanctioned field trip this year for this competition.


This meeting is the deadline for bringing in your year’s winning images for the year-end judging.  Please make sure that your name and group are on the images or they won’t make it into the judging.

For those of you who send in digital versions of your print winners for use on the website:

1. Images MUST be formatted the same way as you would if being entered in a digital projection competition.  This includes the proper size and file naming.

2. Images MUST be submitted to me by midnight on Friday following the meeting to get included on the website.

Over the last few print competitions, I have accepted late images and images not in the proper format.  We need to get this as streamlined as possible.

Thanks 🙂

Competition Results – 11/7/07

The Catawba Valley Camera Club held an open print competition on Wednesday, November 7, 2007. The results are as follows:

A Group:

John Hildebrand - Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake – John Hildebrand – 1st Place Tie

John M. Setzler, Sr. - Insect on Flower

Insect on Flower – John M. Setzler, Sr. – 1st Place Tie


Ed Lane - New York Sunrise

New York Sunrise – Ed Lane – 3rd Place

B Group:

Sue Hooper – Slot at Antelope Canyon – 1st Place (Image not provided)


Nina Ackley - Twisted Tree

Nina Ackley – Twisted Tree – 2nd Place


Byrd Cornwell – You won’t come into my parlor – 3rd Place Tie (Image not provided)

Steven Gold - Gull on Beach

Steven Gold – Gull On Beach – 3rd Place Tie


These photos must be submitted in the same format as used in the digital projection competitions. This includes the proper sizing and naming scheme. These images must also be submitted within 48 hours of the competition.

November 7th Meeting

The November 7th Meeting of the Catawba Valley Camera Club will be held on Wednesday at 7:30pm.  The meeting will consist of normal business and an open print competition.  Bring up to two prints…